Safety & Security

Actions taken to ensure 100% honesty and transparency with the Community

Here at Shiba Corp, we strongly believe in being open, honest and transparent with our community about everything we do.
Step One: After launch we burned all the remaining bShiba tokens in the dev wallet by sending it to the burn address. Transaction:
Step 3: Renounced ownership of contract. This means that the dev/team have NO access to any functions of the contract. The renounced ownership means that ALL LP's are automatically added and locked to the bShiba-BNB liquidity pool on Pancakeswap. Transaction:
Step 4: Provide dev wallet for community to verify token burn, liquidity lock and renounced ownership Dev/Deployer Wallet: 0xF835e1D98A11D68Df150e3Ea6448d0c18202E6B5
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