Transaction Mechanics

To buy or sell bShiba, you need to know about its mechanics. The bShiba token does a few interesting things when you decide to trade it. This includes buying AND selling. Whenever you trade the bShiba token, every transaction implements a 10% tax on each trade which goes back into the ecosystem, making bShiba more robust and and less volatile as time progresses!

10% Transaction Tax Explained

For each trade, 5% of the total trade is taken and added to the bShiba-BNB liquidity pool on Pancakeswap! This contributes to an ever-growing liquidity pool and helps bShiba maintain its health. Since each trade adds more to the liquidity which is automatically locked (thanks to the magical code), volatility from big buys or sells is not as impactful! Nothing is wasted, in fact it is made to automatically benefit Shiba Corps whole ecosystem!
The other 5% is automatically redistributed to current bShiba holders, proportional to how much they hold! You do not need an external application to stake to earn, you literally earn more bShiba for just HOLDING your tokens.

Token Burns

Upon launch, 20% of the whole bShiba supply was sent to the burn address! Now, this wasn't just to reduce the supply on launch, it was to cleverly take advantage of bShibas other distinguishing feature: fee redistribution. On top of the 5% automatically added to liquidity, ANOTHER 5% was redistributed to current bShiba holders.
Because of the 20% sent to the burn address, that address will also be 'earning' fees from transfers as it also hold the bShiba token. Which means the burn address is constantly growing, making bShiba a deflationary currency, because the circulating supply will diminish as time progresses!
Last modified 6mo ago